Safety & Environmental Management

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Revised: April, 2000

Appendix F

Faculty/staff assigned research areas are responsible for meeting compliance with the Laboratory Standard for the area assigned to him/her. Minimum requirements for compliance are listed in the campus Chemical Hygiene Plan under XI, G. The following lists faculty/staff and the area for which (s)he is responsible.

Room Faculty/Staff Responsible
LS 105, 105A Fermanich/Nekola
LS 107 Mehra
LS 111 Draney/Anderson
LS 143 Norman
LS 148 Norman
LS 207 Erdman
LS 215 Morgan
LS 221 Fewless
LS 309B Nair
LS 311A Johnson/Ritch/Marker/Bauer-Dantoin/Pearson/Pott
LS 402 Terry
LS 402A Terry/Starkey/Xiang
LS 404 Noblet
LS 404A Noblet/Rhyner/Hencheck/Xiang
LS 406 Steiglitz
LS 406A Steiglitz/Lyon
Room Faculty/Staff Responsible
LS 424 Lyon
LS 426 Rhyner/Hencheck/Xiang
LS 428 Starkey/Xiang
LS 430 Starkey/Lyon
LS 434 Noblet/Lyon
LS 436 Johnson
LS 445 Mehra
LS 454 Ritch / Bauer-Dantoin / Merkel / Marker / Pearson/Pott
LS 476 Howe
LS 478 Howe/Jennifer Davis
LS 480 Marker/Bauer-Dantoin
Rose Hall Animal Lab Lorenz/Bauer-Dantoin
WH 301 Marker/Mannino