Safety & Environmental Management

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Revised: April, 2000

Appendix G - Eye Wash/Emergency Showers

Prudent lab management includes weekly flushing of eye wash stations to prevent the possibility of eye infections with use of an eye wash station. Not only is this a wise health and safety measure, it is a regulatory requirement.

To meet regulatory requirements the following must be done:

  1. Running eye wash station approximately 3 minutes every week.
  2. Documentation of eye wash flushing in a log or on attached tag.
  3. Notifying Facilities Management about any eye wash malfunction.
Persons assigned responsibility for weekly activation of eye washes are listed below:

Location Eye Wash Eye Wash Flushing Emergency Shower
LS 105 Yes Troedel/Fermanich/Nekola
LS 111 Yes Troedel/Draney/Anderson
LS 143 Yes Norman ?
LS 221A Yes Fewless No
LS 223 Yes Damie No
LS 301 Yes Troedel Yes
LS 303 Yes Troedel Yes
LS 304 Yes Damie No
LS 309 Yes Damie Yes
LS 310 Yes Troedel No
LS 311 Yes Damie Yes
LS 317 Yes Damie No
LS 319 Yes Damie No
LS 320 Yes Damie No
LS 402A Yes Terry/Starkey/Xiang Yes
LS 404A Yes Noblet/Rhyner/Hencheck
LS 406A Yes Stieglitz//Lyon Yes
LS 443 Yes Troedel No
LS 454 Yes Ritch/Bauer-Dantoin/Merkel/Pearson/Pott
LS 489 Yes Troedel Yes
LS 493 Yes Troedel Yes
SAC 107/107A Yes Rank Yes
TH 111 Yes Ingraham No
Weidner B108 Yes Conklin No
Wood Hall 303 Yes Damie No
Physical Plant Yes Raduenz ?