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Pure Success for Green Bay Startup

A market feasibility study conducted by the Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC) at UW-Whitewater helped entrepreneur Jeffrey Taylor refocus his strategy for advancing the shopping cart  purifying system he patented in 2006 . Green Bay-based Purecart Enterprises, LLC now markets its product to a broad range of businesses /markets throughout the U.S. and beyond.

“Going to WISC and having them do a study for us helped us set some clear direction,” says Taylor, a serial entrepreneur who has launched two other businesses. “They validated a lot of our assumptions, and they also uncovered some additional things that we weren’t aware of.”

Taylor was particularly impressed by the proficiency of WISC. “We filled out an application and provided some basic data, and they rolled up their sleeves and dug in. They understood our product and they understood how we were different from other companies in the market.”

Since the study, Purecart has expanded its unique shopping cart purification system to include other pieces of equipment and has a new purifying chemical. The system can now be used on most hard or soft surfaces to help protect against harmful germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and fungus in stores, schools, gyms, day-care centers and other public venues. The PureChemâ„¢ chemical is EPA approved and once dry, forms a protective antimicrobial protective layer that lasts for several days. The equipment is now CE certified and can be exported to Europe and other parts of the world in the future.

“We’ve had a lot positive customer feedback and continue to get calls and emails from all over the world,” says Taylor.

“For us it is really about trying to deliver a complete solution for the customer, versus being an equipment supplier,” notes Taylor.  “It is tying it all together - our chemical, the equipment and the message of clean, healthy and sanitary to several different markets.  We want to help our customers differentiate themselves from their competitors.”
Check out Purecart’s Web site for more information on this Green Bay-based small business.


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