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Submit Your Creative Work


Needs: Uniqueness, original perspectives, and complexity. Poems should be well developed and have proper titles. We’re looking for pieces with depth, vivid imagery, cleverness, and even multiple meanings. We accept and encourage all subject matters. Advice: Look at daily life in a creative light. We don’t care if you write about a common theme (i.e. love, family, death) if you do so in a fresh, new way. Make the theme your own; be crafty, be experimental, and take risks. Poems should be proofread and polished. We’re looking for an eclectic collection of poetry so think outside the box.


Strive for originality, but avoid using gimmicks for their own sake. Remember that characters are an integral part of the plot, and as a friendly reminder, editing is an important part of the writing process. Above all, make your work for a non-you audience, and stay away from obvious moral lessons. Attempt to stay under 5000 words--a longer piece will be reviewed, but the longer it is, the more length becomes a factor in whether or not we can accept it. And while this all may seem restrictive, as long you follow the guidelines, we will be happy to review any piece of fiction you have, from flash fiction to stand-alone novel chapters and everything in between.


We welcome all fully revised nonfiction pieces. We encourage relevant and new material, as well as pieces that take a stance or have an edge. Many people believe nonfiction is memoirs or stiff academic writing, however, we encourage all varieties of nonfiction inclusive of political works, fact based arguments, opinion pieces, essays written for a general audience, true life stories, interviews, profiles and book reviews.

Visual Arts:

We are looking for works in many media forms that are thought provoking, attention retaining, controversial, or out of the ordinary. Media forms include, but are not limited to, paintings, drawings, sculptures, graphics, metals and jewelry, textiles, and photographs. We see a lot of nature photos; if you are going to submit them, ask yourself, "what influence did I have on the photo other than observing with the camera?" Be original and unique. We especially love to see works that show intention and multiple meanings. Please submit well-documented pieces (taking into account cropping, lighting, and angles of images showcasing your art).