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Updating Emergency Contact Information

1. Click on 'Emergency Contact' located towards the bottom of the student service center and then Click on ‘Add an        Emergency Contact’ or if one already exists ‘Edit

2. Enter the contact name (last name, first name)

3. Select the 'Emergency Contact Type' from the dropdown menu.                     

      'Emergency' -- Contact this person in case of an emergency.

      'Missing Person' -- Contact this person if you are determined to be missing for 24 hours.

      'Emergency & Missing Person' -- Contact this person in case of an Emergency or if you are determined to be missing        for 24 hours.

4. Click ‘Edit Address’ to add or update the address of the contact
       If you check the box labeled “Check here if this contact has the same address/ phone number as
       the individual” and the individual moves at a future date, there is no need to update the emergency
       contact address. It will be updated automatically to reflect the individual’s new address in

5. Enter telephone number(s)
       Be sure to enter a telephone number where the emergency contact can easily be reached. To be
       safe, you might want to enter more than one phone number (click the Add a Phone Number

6. Click the green save button
7. At the next screen where it says ‘The Save Was Successful’, click OK