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Viewing grades from a previous term

1.  From the Faculty Center click the Change Term button.

2.  On the next screen select the term's grades you would like to see, and click continue to see the list of courses taught for that semester.

3.  Once presented with the class list select the Grade Roster icon to view the class grades.

Click on Request Grade Change.

Select new grade and press the Submit button.

You have access to change a grade during the following term. For example, if we're in the Fall semester of 2013 you can change a grade for the Spring 2013 semester up until the end of the Fall 2013 semester. Likewise, if we're in the Spring semester of 2014 you can change a grade for the Fall 2013 up until the end of the Spring 2014 semester. Once the following semester (of the one you want to change) is over, you cannot change the grade. Those changes need to go through your dean and the dean notifies the Registrar's Office.

If you do attempt to change a grade from a semester where the grade change time has expired you will see Errors.

Clicking on Errors will give you this explanation: