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ACADEMIC ADVISING (see also New/Drop-In Advising)

If you have been designated as an advisor, you will have access to the View Advisee Information link found under the Advisement section in the Student Information System. You'll also have access to the New/Drop-In Advisees link to advise any student on a drop-in basis. You will have the ability to view any student's Degree Progress Report, Enrollment Appointments, Unofficial Transcript, Transfer Credit Report, Term Grades, Class Schedule, Address, and Telephone numbers. The Emergency Contacts information is not being maintained at this time.


1. Logon to the Student Information System at http://www.uwgb.edu/sis .

2. From the Faculty Center, click on the advisement tab. Generating your list of advisees may take a few minutes, so please be patient while it is processing. This list has been updated to include only current students.

3. The advisees are listed in alphabetical order by last name. If you have a large number of advisees, the navigation located in the upper right area of the report may help you locate a particular student. Clicking the blue arrows will move you down or up within the list by increments of 10. You also have the option of viewing all advisees at once (click View All). Clicking Last will, of course, send you to the last page of your advisees.

4. There are several icons to the left of the students' names. You can click on these icons to get more details. In the graphic below, 1 - Indicates that there is a positive service indicator on the student's record; 2 - Shows that the student has a hold; 3 - The FERPA shade indicates that the student has filed a request not to have directory information released;  4 - By checking the box to the left of the student's name (4a) you can utilize the Notify Button (4b) to send an email to a student.  Emails are sent to you, and bcc to the student(s) from a system mail address.


To view a student's Degree Progress Report, Enrollment Appointments, Unofficial Transcript, Transfer Credit Report, Term Grades or Class Schedule, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the Student Details display and then click the button.

NOTE: Emergency Contacts information will only be available if the student has chosen to enter this data.

TO VIEW DEGREE PROGRESS REPORT (from **Student Details** Drop-down menu)

Click here to view 'Degress Progress What-If Scenario' instructions )

1. Select 'Univ of Wisconsin - Green Bay' for Academic Institution, and then one of the three options listed below for the Report Type.