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ACADEMIC ADVISING (see also/Drop-In Advising)

If you have been designated as an advisor, you'll have access to your advisees via the Student Information System. You'll also have access to the Drop-In Advisees link to advise any student on a drop-in basis. You will have the ability to view any student's Academic Requirements Report, Enrollment Appointments, To Do items, Holds, Unofficial Transcript, Transfer Credit Report, Term Grades, Class Schedule, Shopping Cart, Planner, Address, and Telephone numbers. The Emergency Contacts information is not being maintained at this time.


1. Logon to the Student Information System at http://www.uwgb.edu/sis .

2. From the Faculty Center click on the Advisor Center tab. Generating your list of advisees may take a few minutes, so please be patient while it is processing. This list has been updated to include only current students. This shows the "Link to Photos" view.

Advisor Center 


If a student has chosen to use a Preferred Name that name will display in most views that you see, but not necessarily all. To be sure you can verify by using the student ID number.

Advisee-Preferred Name


3. The advisees are listed in alphabetical order by last name. If you want to look at the list by number click on "Campus ID". You can switch back to alpha by clicking on "Name".

Advisor Center sort

4. There are two columns to the left of the students' names.  The Notify column contains a check box. If you want to email several advisees check the boxes by their names and then press the 'notify selected advisees' button. Emails are sent from  to YOU, the sender, and BCC to selected students.  This ensures privacy and confidentiality when emailing to multiple students.  The student(s) will see that the email is from you but there is no history of a sent message retained in your Outlook - just the message that you receive

Notify some students

 If you want to email all advisees press the 'notify all advisees' button. Both buttons are below the list of advisees.

Notify all advisees

You can add additional recipients in the To:, the CC:, or the BCC: fields (separate the email addresses by a comma). Remember to use the BCC field for students to protect privacy.  

Send Notification (email) 


5. To see a photo of the student click on the photo link.

Photo link

Once you display the advisee's photo you'll see that you have a variety of options. You can move forward or backward in the list. You can view up to 100 advisees at a time. You can notify (as described previously)

Advisee photo


Or you can choose to see the all the photos right away

Photos as List

The first in the list comes up. Then you can select to View 100 (or View All if you have less than 100 advisees)

View 100 or View All

You can then choose to go back to displaying just one.

View 1

6. To view a student's Academic Requirements Report, Grades, Unofficial Transcript, Transfer Credit Report, Class Schedule, Holds, To Do items, Enrollment Appointment, and Personal Information (contact) click on the Student Details display. You can also quickly change to another advisee.

Advisor-Student Center