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The Drop-In Advising module allows a faculty member to view view any student's Academic Requirements Report, Enrollment Appointments, To Do items, Holds, Unofficial Transcript, Transfer Credit Report, Term Grades, Class Schedule, Shopping Cart, Planner, Address, and Telephone numbers. The Emergency Contacts information is not being maintained at this time.

Advisors who have designated students as advisees may also which to use this method of viewing information - you avoid having to generate a list of all past\present advisees first.

Follow these steps to view a New/Drop-In advisee's information.

1. Logon to the Student Information System.

2. From the Faculty Center, select the Advisor Center tab.

Advisor Center


If a student has chosen to use a Preferred Name that name will display in most views that you see, but not necessarily all. To be sure you can verify by using the student ID number.

Advisee-Preferred Name


3. Go to the bottom of the page. Click on View Data for Other Students.  

View Other Students

This takes you to the screen where you can enter some sort of identifying information to locate the student.

4. To find a particular student, enter his/her last name, 7-digit ID or 9-digit Campus ID, or SSN# and click Search. Click on the link for the student you wish to advise.

Student Search

NOTE: You can search by only the student's last name but not only the first name. If you're searching by name It's a good idea to enter the last name and just the first initial of the first name since there can be a variety of spellings for first names. If you can't bring up the student try using only several letters of the last name. If you have an id# you search by entering the number in one of the correct fields.  ID# is a 7-digit number. Campus ID# is a 9-digit number (the last nine digits found on the student ID card). You can also enter the student's Social Security number in the National ID field. Don't use any dashes or spaces - just the nine digits.

If you searched by name and the generated list is large you can sort by various fields. Most helpful would be either last name or first name

Search sort


6. Once you have selected the student you'll see the Advisee Student Center you can navigate to different areas in the same way as you can with one of your own advisees: academic_advising1.htm


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