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At the end of each semester, faculty are given access to Grade Rosters within the Student Information System to enter their students' final grades. These Grade Rosters are available about two weeks before the last day of classes. Once the grade rosters are generated, grades are posted twice daily by the Registrar's Office. All grades are due 96 hours after the final exam.

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to process all grades at one time. You have the ability to save whatever grades you have entered at any point in time and go back in later to enter more grades.

Note: SIS is unavailable from midnight to 1:00am daily for backups. If you are in the system when backups start, you will be logged out and will lose any grades you've entered that haven't been saved.

After logging on to the Student Information System, follow these steps to process your grades.

1. From the Faculty Center, within the My Teaching Schedule section, select Grade Roster .

2. Open the class roster by clicking on the Grade Roster icon.

4. The class roster lists students alphabetically by last name. Grades can be entered in the Grade Input (1) column by typing them directly into the boxes or by clicking the drop-down box (circled in red). The drop-down box lists all the acceptable grade choices. If you were looking to assign the same grade for all students, you do have the ability to assign one grade in mass to all students enrolled.  If you utilize this option, you still retain the ability to edit individual grades (ex. 25 students earned a 'P', 2 earned a 'NC').

The following is the listing of grades presented when you click on the grade drop down box.

Although the DR and W will appear as valid grading options, entering either will post the official grade as a WF. If you are entering grades for a Pass/No Credit course, P and NC will also appear as grading options.

If you are entering grades for a large class it is always a good idea to save your grades periodically so you don't lose any of your work.  To save your work click on the 'save' button located at the bottom of the page.

5.  After you have entered grades use the drop-down arrow next to Approval Status select Approved and then click Save located at the bottom of the roster.  Choosing a status other than Approved (i.e. Ready for Review or Not Reviewed) will result in the grade posting process NOT updating the grade on the student record.  Note: All students must have a valid grade entered before the status can be changed to Approved.

6. After saving the Approved status, your screen should look similar to the one shown below with the Grade Input column completed and Official Grade column empty.  The Official Grade column will become populated after the grade posting process updates the students' records, which is how you know the students can see their grade.