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The rule of thumb is to fill in at least TWO blanks before clicking on Search. In the example below, if the Subject Area and Course Career are filled in, the search will return a match of the criteria. You'll want to uncheck the Open Only checkbox to see a complete listing of classes. Otherwise you will only see classes that still have open seats.

In other screens, required fields are designated with an asterisk. The easiest method to fill-in-the-blanks is to use the Lookup function whenever it's provided: In the example below, subject area is required. If you don't know the subject area, click on the Lookup icon.

The next screen can be used to narrow your search. For example, if you're looking for a Chemistry class, type a C or a CH in the Subject Area field and click on Lookup. Now you can select the subject area. In this example, we'll select Chemistry.

On the next screen, you have several choices for finding a chemistry class. You can immediately click on Search to list ALL chemistry classes or you could insert a catalog number (Exact Match) or partial catalog number in the field provided (Wildcard).

Wildcard searches:

In the example below, a "1" using the Wildcard designation will return classes 102, 201, 431, 312, etc.. There isn't a way to search for classes that are in the 100's series.