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  1. Who do I contact with more questions?
  2. I'm getting a message that says "Your session is about to be timed out."
  3. On many search screens, there are a myriad of fields where I can enter search specifications. What do they mean and which of the blanks MUST I fill in?
  4. Can I change the default current term and other settings?
  5. Can I access the Peoplesoft SIS on a Macintosh computer?
  6. Can I create and view "What-If" scenarios?
  7. How can I view an instructor's schedule?
  8. What are the proper display settings for SIS? I don't want to scroll left and right to view info.
  9. How can I print SIS data from my Internet browser?


Records & Enrollment

  1. Student Logon
  2. Registration Instructions
  3. Waitlist Information
  4. Reserve Capacity
  5. Swap, Drop or Add Classes
  6. Print Your Class Schedule
  7. Update Address
  8. Update Phone Number
  9. Declare a Major
  10. Transcripts
  11. Apply for Graduation
  12. Add / Update emergency contact information



  1. Display of Preferred Name