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Visit the Academic Advising Web site for important information prior to registration.

Logon to SIS.

Some holds will stop you from registering. Review your hold status from the Student Center screen.  Drill down into the details section for additional information.


From the Student Center, select  Enrollment Dates.


1. From the Student Center click on Add a Class

2. Select the appropriate term from the list of terms.

3. Search for, or enter enter the 4 or 5-digit number directly into the box. An alternative is to click on the 'Search for Classes or Browse Catalog' search box to locate the classes.

4. Enter at least two criteria before searching for a class. The best method is to select a Subject and then enter Course Career.

5. When viewing the list of classes, you'll notice the enrollment Status displayed .  Any required labs or discussions will follow the enrollment section. (Below you see class number 6002 followed by class number 6003, which is a lab.)  When you enroll in a class that has an accompanying lab or discussion, you will be prompted to select a lab or discussion.

Click on to register for the class.

Below is an example of the screen that would follow a student registering for a class with a required lecture/lab combination. You must select the radio button to select the necessary component combination.

6. You must complete the full enrollment steps (1 - 3) to successfully add/swap/delete a class.

7. Co-requisites

Some courses have conditions that must be met simultaneously. For example, some courses indicate another course that must be enrolled concurrently (co-requisites). By viewing the online course catalog, a student can see in the example below that Music 151, requires that Music 115, and Mus App 011 or 031 or 013 be taken at the same time.