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 If you select the Degree Progress option from the **Student Details** dropdown list on the Advisee Information menu, you can enter hypothetical information to determine how courses the student has taken would apply to a different academic program, or what additional courses are needed to fulfill the current program.

Quick What-If Report:
'View how your coursework would apply to a different academic program, plan, or subplan.'

Course List What-If Report:
'View how courses which you have not yet taken may apply towards your current academic program.'

1. Using the Quick What-if Analysis.

You will need to enter some additional information on the Quick What-If Report screen.

Career: Undergraduate or Graduate
Program Override: Indicates whether the advisee is classified as a “special” student within their career.
Plan Override: The major or minor that the advisee wants considered (use the Search icon to select the new plan).
SubPlan Override: An emphasis within a plan (not all plans have an emphasis). This list will be filtered according to the plan selected in the previous step.

Requirement Term: The semester to which you want the academic advisement rules applied. Make sure you fill in the Requirement Term for each new category you enter.

After you’ve entered the information, click OK. A report similar to the Degree Progress report will be generated. The last portion of the report will detail the What-if Analysis and have a heading similar to the one shown below.

Simulating Undergraduate Career

2. Using the Course What-if Analysis.

Each line will represent a course which you have not yet taken. Click the Lookup magnifying glass icon to choose a subject (1.) or enter a known subject (i.e. MATH). Then click the Search button to select a course. (2.)

In the example below, Hum Stud 216 has been added. To insert another row, click on Add. Once you have chosen the course(s) you wish to review on your Degree Progress Report, press the OK button located at the bottom of this window. To cancel out of this page, select the hyperlink Return to Reports Page.

The Degree Progress report is generated and the classes added will be designated as what-if courses. (This example shows that taking Hum Stud 216 will fulfill the Ethnic Studies general education requirement.)