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Stipends and Scholarships

Students in the social work program may be eligible for a number of stipends and/or scholarships. Each of these opportunities is described below.

BSW Child Welfare Stipend

History: Since the mid-1990s, UW-Green Bay has provided grant-funded educational support to BSW students preparing for employment in the field of public and tribal child welfare. The Title IV-E child welfare stipend program provides funding equivalent to full-time in-state tuition for the senior year for students who make a commitment to seek and accept employment in a NE Wisconsin public or tribal child welfare agency after graduation.

Criteria: Students in the junior year of the BSW Program who demonstrate a commitment to working in public / tribal child welfare are eligible to apply. Applicants must meet and / or agree to these general requirements:

  • BSW student in good standing;
  • Enrollment in Child Welfare Emphasis courses;
  • Willingness to complete Senior field placement in public / tribal child welfare agency
  • Commitment to work full-time for one calendar year in a Wisconsin public or tribal child welfare agency upon graduation.

Deadline: Title IV-E stipend applications are generally due the second week of February. Interested students are invited to contact the Child Welfare Coordinator, Matthew Mattila, ACSW, CISW, at (920) 465-2867 or to obtain more information about the stipend program and the field of public child welfare. Program information and application materials are available though this link.

Anne C. Kok Scholarship in Social Work/Social Justice

History: Professor Anne Kok was the director of the Social Work Professional Programs at UW-Green Bay when she was tragically killed in an automobile accident in 2008. Memorial gifts from Anne’s family and several hundred friends, former students and colleagues established this scholarship.

The UWGB Social Work Department awards one scholarship each academic year. One-half of the scholarship will be applied to fall semester tuition and fees while the second payment will be applied to spring semester tuition and fees provided the minimum cumulative G.P.A. meets the university’s established requirements.


  • Enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student with at least two semesters of coursework completed at UW-Green Bay and pursuing an academic-sponsored international learning experience (e.g., study abroad, student exchange, international certificate program, etc.)
    OR Enrolled or seeking enrollment at UW-Green Bay as an exchange student from the University of Jordan to earn credit for classes in the social work major
  • Applicants must complete the scholarship application that documents their interest in social change and/or social justice field
  • Minimum cumulative earned undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent)
  • Pursuing a major in social work or in a related social justice field
  • Consideration shall be given to social work/social justice applicants (when qualified) with limited or no travel experience, either within their home country and/or abroad (as detailed in the written application)
Deadline: Applications are due on March 27th, 2015.
Anne C. Kok Scholarship Fund Application

Rolfe E. White Scholarship in Social Work

History: Dr. White's community service has consistently been on behalf of people in poverty in Brown County. He was instrumental in the founding of the NEW Community Clinic in 1970 serving as first chair, board director and volunteer worker with students. More recently Dr. White has served as the chair of the Task Force for the Homeless. He has served on numerous committees with the Task Force and has frequently testified on behalf of the homeless population. Dr. White has established this scholarship to assist future social workers in their work, and on behalf of low-income people.

Criteria: Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Good academic standing;
  • Positive recommendations from social work faculty when the applications are reviewed;
  • Written evidence of commitment to addressing poverty issues in future practice.

Recipients are also required to attend the social work banquet.

Deadline: Applications are due on March 27th, 2015. Rolfe E. White Scholarship Fund Application

Jean B. Weidner Scholarship

History: The Jean B. Weidner Scholarship Fund was established in 1991 by former UW-Green Bay Chancellor Edward Weidner, and Mrs. Jean B. Weidner, M.S.W. The scholarship was established for students pursuing a social work degree.

The Jean B. Weidner Scholarship will be awarded each spring to a University of Wisconsin-Green Bay student who will be a senior in the social work major the following fall.

Criteria: Recipients must meet the following criteria:

  • Good academic standing; (minimum 3.5 GPA)
  • Written evidence of the following:
    • Significant accomplishments in the field practicum;
    • Significant leadership positions/accomplishments in the past three years;
    • Significant contributions to school/community in the past three years;
    • Accomplishments in the area of scholarship, leadership and professionalism.

Recipients are also required to attend the social work banquet.

Deadline: Applications are due on March 27th, 2015. Jean B. Weidner Scholarship Fund Application

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