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Collaborative MSW Program Admissions 2014-15

Applications for the Collaborative MSW Program Now Available

For the fall 2014 MSW admissions application, applicants must apply directly to UW Green Bay or UW Oshkosh. Applicants may apply to both institutions.

UW Green Bay and UW Oshkosh are seeking to terminate the Collaborative MSW Program in Summer 2015. Both universities are seeking authorization and accreditation of separate MSW Programs. If an applicant is enrolled at either UW Green Bay or UW Oshkosh, s/he will begin the MSW Program as a student of the Collaborative MSW Program. Students who complete the MSW Collaborative Program by August 2015 will graduate from the Collaborative MSW Program. Those who plan to complete their degree after August 2015 will likely graduate from the MSW Program at the home campus in which they are enrolled.

To apply for admission to the Collaborative MSW Program for the fall of 2014 as a UW Green Bay student, follow this link:

To apply for admission to the Collaborative MSW Program for the fall of 2014 as a UW Oshkosh student, follow this link:

For UW Green Bay inquiries, contact:

Dr. Doreen Higgins
Collaborative MSW Program Coordinator at UW Green Bay
(920) 465-2567/

Jeanne Berg
Student Status Examiner at UW Green Bay
(920) 465-2679/

For UW Oshkosh inquiries, contact:

Dr. Fredi Giesler
Chair of Social Work at UW Oshkosh
(920) 424-0278/

All Application materials must be received by January 17, 2014. Applications received after January 17, 2014 will be considered on space available basis.

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