University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Master of Social Work
Collaborative MSW Program

MSW Advising

Pre-Admission Advising

For information about the Collaborative MSW Program or a pre-admissions advising appointment, contact:

Jeanne Berg
Student Status Examiner


Dr. Doreen Higgins
Collaborative MSW Program Coordinator

Advising After Admissions

Before the beginning of the academic year:

In the spring, before they begin in the program, all new students are required to attend a group advising meeting to help orient them to the program, to introduce them to other students and to their advisors, to begin the field placement process for students going into the field in the fall, and to answer any additional questions students might have.

New students can also contact the Program Coordinator if they have additional questions before beginning their classes in the fall.

During the academic year: Students are assigned an individual advisor and are strongly encouraged to contact their advisor at least once a semester to insure that they are appropriately registered for classes and that they can complete the program in a timely fashion. Advisors are also available to students to discuss career planning after graduation.

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