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LCSW Credentialing

The Collaborative MSW Program does not technically offer a "clinical concentration." However, many students are interested in being eligible to apply for the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) credential after earning the MSW degree. Preparation for this credential is outlined in the MSW Student Handbook. More information about this credential is also available on the Department of Safety and Professional Services.

The Social Work Section of The Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional Services has approved the following advanced level courses, which meet the requirements of a “clinical course” in the Collaborative MSW Program. The Collaborative MSW faculty have determined that students must complete four of these classes to meet LCSW course requirements through the Program:

  • Soc Work 720 Practice Competence in a Diverse Community
  • Soc Work 721 Multilevel Family Intervention
  • Soc Work 727 Psychopathology and Strengths Based Practice
  • Soc Work 735 Emerging Issues in Child Welfare
  • Soc Work 737 SW and Crisis Intervention with Vulnerable Populations
  • Soc Work 747 Mental Health Theories
  • Soc Work 575 Oshkosh/757 Green Bay Treatment and Mistreatment of Offenders
  • Soc Work 795 Special Topics: Mental Health and Substance Abuse in Generalist Practice
The Collaborative MSW Program also offers opportunities for MSW professionals to take the necessary coursework to prepare for the LCSW credential. Space is limited and prospective students must apply to be “Special Students” at either UW Oshkosh or UW Green Bay. Interested MSW professionals should contact the MSW Program Coordinator for more information:

Dr. Doreen Higgins
Collaborative MSW Program Coordinator

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