University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Master of Social Work
Collaborative MSW Program

Program Themes

Public Sector Practice:

Improving the quality of life of people and communities served by publicly funded agencies (including private sector programs receiving public funds) and encouraging democratic participation in community decision making in order to influence quality of life concerns.

Leadership Roles:

Assuming leadership roles in direct practice, administration and policy development in order to strengthen communities, organizations, and families.

Family Focus:

Enhancing family functioning, improving community and agency support for families, and enhancing the quality of life for families within the region.


Promoting advocacy and interventions to enhance the well being of vulnerable and oppressed people within the region.

Rural Emphasis:

Reflecting the inclusion of the unique needs and circumstances of rural people, agencies, and communities in the region.

Interdisciplinary Cooperation:

Encouraging active involvement with other academic units and professional disciplines in order to address quality of life concerns. All course work throughout the program is built on and infused with these themes.

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