Club Minutes

2013-2014 Social Work Club Meeting Minutes

February 6th 2014

Date: February 6th, 2014

Officers Present: Karlie Francour, Jacki Stencil, Laura John, Derek Vanden Houten, Kate Bodart, Kelli Lackey, Aaron Alexander, Kristy Phillips

Call to Order: Aaron at 11:35

Treasurer’s Report: account still at $2000

Officer Reports:

Aaron: working on banquet, verified Club wants to hold another Paul’s Pantry event, and will deal John L about gaining information on the Club’s website, wants it running for juniors

Kate: inquired if minutes should be made available also through Twitter, Club members decided just email and Facebook

Karlie: Twitter is up and recommended Club members to follow, website issues regarding communication with John L. Aaron and Laura will handle.

Laura: will help with website; will contact Rose to determine if she is interested in treasurer position

Kelli: budget is still the same; should not have to spend more than $500 for the banquet

Jacki: apology for Point-in-Time count, wants to improve volunteer process and Club agreed, will create a Google Drive

Derek: involved in Kappa Sigma fraternity, recommended volunteer opportunity to babysit children at the CP Center

New Business

·       Welcome to 2014!

o   Upcoming Social Work Club Meetings

§  03/04/2014 @ 11:45

§  03/27/2014 @ 11:45

§  04/29/2014 @ 11:45

§  All club meetings will be held in the conference room across from the social work office unless noted otherwise.

§  Time changed from 11:30 to 11:45 am.

·       Next banquet meeting is March 11 at 11:45 am.

·       Club Events: Thank you for participating:

o   Point-In-Time Count

§  How did the event go? Billie, Nora, and Dawn participated.  Billie thought the event went well.

o   Upcoming events

§  February: Food Drive for Divine Temple

§  March: Diaper Drive March 4 – 25 (House of Hope, Howe CRC, CPS), Paul’s Pantry early morning/Spring Break

§  April: focus on fundraising ideas and bring ideas at meeting on March 4th

§  Possible events

·       Paul’s Pantry: Jacki will contact and determine date.

·       Pair & Spare Drive: Kelli and Nicki will get information to Jacki and Jacki to create an event on FB.

·       Campus Kitchens Project: Kate brought up need for volunteers when branch is up and running.

·       Divine Temple: Kate brought up need at Divine Temple. They have an open door policy to feed people experiencing homelessness. Club members decided to hold food drive through February 27th.  Kate will contact Divine Temple person. Rebecca and Jacki will bring boxes for collection. Erika recommended gift cards for Divine Temple to purchase fresh produce.

·       Are we in need of a fundraiser for spring?

o   Cristina brought up idea for juniors to take point on spring fundraiser.  Many club members liked this idea.

o   Club members were encouraged to bring fundraising ideas to meeting on March 4th.

Club Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, March 4th @ 11:45

Thursday, March 27th @ 11:45

Tuesday, April 29th @ 11:45

Senior Banquet Meeting Date:

            Tuesday, March 11 @ 11:45  

Meeting adjourned at 12:20

Respectfully submitted,

Kate Bodart