Club Events

§  February: Food Drive for Divine Temple

§  March: Diaper Drive March 4 – 25 (House of Hope, Howe CRC, CPS), Paul’s Pantry early morning/Spring Break

§  April: focus on fundraising ideas and bring ideas at meeting on March 4th

§  Possible events

  1.        Paul’s Pantry: Jacki will contact and determine date.

  2.        Pair & Spare Drive: Kelli and Nicki will get information to Jacki and Jacki to create an event on FB.

  3.        Campus Kitchens Project: Kate brought up need for volunteers when branch is up and running.

  4.        Divine Temple: Kate brought up need at Divine Temple. They have an open door policy to feed people experiencing homelessness. Club members decided to hold food drive through February 27th.  Kate will contact Divine Temple person. Rebecca and Jacki will bring boxes for collection. Erika recommended gift cards for Divine Temple to purchase fresh produce.


Contact Jacki Stencil - for more information on how you can help!