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Committee on Committees and Nominations Charge

UWGB Faculty Senate Revised 16 March 1988

  1. The Committee on Committees and Nominations is composed of five elected members of professorial rank, one of whom shall be from each domain voting district and one at-large. Each year two-fifths or one-fifth of the membership is elected for a three-year term assuring continuity of membership. Two candidates for each committee position are nominated annually by the Personnel Council with the option of additional nominations from the floor of the Senate or by petition of three faculty members. No member is eligible for more than one consecutive term.
  2. The Committee coordinates with the University Committee Chairperson, the Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff, the Provost/Vice Chancellor, and the Chancellor.
  3. Committee responsibilities:
    The Committee on Committees and Nominations shall undertake and maintain a continuing review of regulations relating to faculty committee structure. It may on its own initiative, by request of the University Committee, by request of the Chancellor, or by request of the Faculty Senate, review and recommend appropriate changes, consistent with faculty rules, on standing committees. It may recommend that the Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff make appropriate editorial changes of a committee description providing it does not change the membership or charge of a committee. It will monitor the committee structure to prevent duplication of committee function, to identify superfluous committees, and to ensure proper and effective use of faculty time.

    Requests by administrators or committees for the formation of special committees shall be forwarded to the Committee on Committees and Nominations for advice. If a special committee is proposed, the committee shall examine jurisdictional overlap with existing standing and special committees. When an assignment is in question, the Committee on Committees and Nominations shall be consulted and advise as to which committee receives the assignment.
    The Committee on Committees and Nominations recommends to the Senate the discontinuance, modification, merger, or establishment of faculty standing or special committees.
  4. Nominations:
    The committee reports to the Faculty the names of persons to be voted for as members of elective faculty committees. The committee presents at least two names for each position to be filled by election, but its action does not limit the right of members of the Faculty to make other nominations. The committee insofar as is practical, shall solicit the interest of faculty members as to the committees for which they wish to be nominated.