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Awards and Recognition Charge

UWGB Faculty Senate Revised 16 March 1988
UWGB Faculty Senate Revised 22 February 1995
UWGB Faculty Senate Revised 15 November 2006
UWGB Faculty Senate Revised 11 April 2012

  1. The Committee on Awards and Recognition is composed of four appointed faculty members, with no more than two from one domain voting district, four appointed Academic Staff members, one appointed University Staff member, and two appointed student members.
  2. Appointments to the Committee shall be for a term of two years with the terms of faculty and academic staff staggered so as to ensure continuity of membership. Student members are appointed annually.
  3. The committee coordinates with the Provost/Vice Chancellor and Chancellor in nominating candidates for awards and recognitions.
  4. The committee nominates for the following awards: Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching; Faculty Award for Excellence in Scholarship; Academic Support Award for Excellence; University Award for Excellence in Institutional Development; University Award for Excellence in Community Outreach; University Award for Excellence in Collaborative Achievement; University Staff Award for Excellence
  5. The committee advises the Chancellor as to candidates for non-academic awards.
  6. The committee advises on matters of public events and aids in arranging commencements, honors convocations, and other convocations and public functions as requested by the Chancellor.
  7. The committee recommends names for buildings and other physical facilities and features of the campus.
    NOTE: The faculty members on the committee constitute the core of the Honorary Degree Committee.