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Intercollegiate Athletics Charge

UWGB Faculty Senate Revised 16 March 1988
UWGB Faculty Senate Revised 13 December 2000

  1. The Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics consists of nine appointed members: four faculty members (with no more than two from a domain voting district), two non-instructional professional staff members, one student, one community representative, and one ex-officio (voting) Faculty Athletics Representative.
  2. Appointment to the committee shall be for a term of three years with the terms of members staggered so as to ensure continuity of membership. A member shall be eligible for reappointment for consecutive terms. Student and community representatives are appointed annually and when possible, continuity is encouraged.
  3. The committee is advisory to the Athletic Director.
  4. The committee represents the Faculty in making recommendations on all aspects of, and policies concerning, intercollegiate athletics.