Structures & People

Leadership and Involvement Committee Charge

  1. Membership - A Leadership & Involvement Committee consisting of five Academic Staff members shall be appointed by the Academic Staff Committee.
  2. Responsibilities -
    1. To solicit candidates from among the eligible Academic Staff to serve on elected and appointed committees via a survey annually.
    2. To prepare ballots for the committees named in Article V (B.2.b.) that meet the membership criteria established for each committee, and to strive for broad representation of the campus community.
    3. To facilitate and oversee the voting process, which includes two nominees when possible for each open committee seat, and provide space for write-in candidates.
    4. To submit to the Academic Staff Committee Chair prior to the last Academic Staff Committee meeting of the academic year the numerical results of the election and the recommendations for appointive committee assignments.
    5. To consult with the Office of the Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff to determine whether vacancies occurring because of resignations or leaves of absence shall be filled by appointment or special election.
    6. To facilitate retention of Academic Staff and promote/encourage leadership and involvement in Academic Staff governance.
    7. To act as a liaison to Human Resources regarding new Academic Staff hires and the campus-wide new employee orientation process.