Structures & People

Classified Staff Advisory Council Charge

All University of Wisconsin-Green Bay classified staff are eligible to become a member of this Council and participate in its mission. The purpose of the Council is to promote on-going education, training, and communication among all classified employees and to build a foundation for mutual understanding and respect with the broader University community. The Council is not a governance group, but could serve in an advisory capacity when called upon to do so by an officer of the institution (i.e., Chancellor, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance, Assistant Chancellor for Planning and Budget, Assistant Chancellor for University Advancement).

The Council shall consist of a maximum of 12 members. The goal is to have two members of each constituency group (blue collar, professional, safety and security, supervisory, technical and administrative occupations. Members shall be appointed to a two (2) year term with those terms staggered so that six seats are open each year.

There are two liaisons on the Council representing University of Wisconsin-Green Bay administration. These liaisons are from the Offices of the Chancellor and Human Resources.