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University Student Leadership Awards Committee Charge

The University Leadership Awards program was established to honor students who have contributed significantly to the quality of life at the University of Wisconsin Green-Bay and the surrounding community.

Purpose: The purpose of the University Leadership Award Selection Committee is to select students to receive the following awards:

Awards to Students and Other Individuals


Student Organization Awards

Members: The committee consists of twelve members: three faculty selected by the Committee on Committees and Nominations, three staff selected by the Leadership and Involvement Committee, and six students chosen by the President of the Student Government Association. The committee convener is an Office of Student Life staff member.

Format: The committee will meet to learn the responsibilities of committee members and to review the process for evaluating candidates. The members are given two to three weeks to review the nomination materials and rate the candidates. At the end of the review period the committee is convened to decide on the recipients. The decisions are usually made over the course of two or three meetings or however many meetings are required to complete the process.

Other Responsibilities: Committee members are an important part of the process and are invited to participate in the University Leadership Awards Program. Often members assist with the program by greeting guests, reading citations, assisting with the presentation of the Awards or ushering. Members are requested to serve two semesters in order to provide continuity in the selection process.

Benefits: Committee members have an opportunity to gain real insight into the quality of contributions made by student leaders on our campus. In addition, it provides a forum for students, faculty, and staff members to interact.