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Health and Safety Committee Charge

Purpose: The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Health & Safety Committee is established to advise the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance on issues relating to the health, safety, and wellness of the university community.

Membership: Two faculty, two academic staff, and two university staff are appointed to two year staggered terms.

Two students are appointed for single year terms.

The Directors of Facilities Management, Health Services, Human Resources, Public Safety, and the Campus Risk Manager, and the University Safety Manager also serve.

Functions: In order to accomplish this objective, the Health & Safety Committee should.

  1. Meet at least once each fall and spring semester.
  2. Record minutes of each meeting, document attendance, identify problems, corrective action proposed, and corrective action taken.
  3. Review results of safety inspections.
  4. Conduct an annual review of the University's Health & Safety Action Plan in order to make recommendations and revisions as necessary.
  5. Review and recommend ongoing educational safety programs for all employees.
  6. Review compliance with all established health and safety guidelines, and policies and all applicable DILHR/OSHA standards and regulations, through the Office of Public Safety.
  7. Review security policies and emergency response procedures, when requested.
  8. Communicate with constituencies to gather and disseminate health and safety information.