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Committee of Six Full Professors Charge

UWGB Faculty Senate Revised 16 March 1988; 9 May 2001 (2); 19 September 2007 (2)

  1. The Committee consists of six tenured full professors elected by the Faculty, no more than two of whom shall be from a single domain voting district: i.e., one from each voting district and two at-large. Members serve three years and two new members are elected annually. A faculty member shall not serve on the Committee of Six and the Personnel Council or Committee on Rights and Responsibilities at the same time.
  2. While serving on the Committee of Six, a member shall not take part in the deliberations or voting on a candidate for promotion in any review body other than the Committee of Six.
  3. The committee will review and advise the appropriate Dean(s) for promotion to the rank of full professor [Chapter 3.08 (4) (c) (d)].