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Committee on Workload and Compensation Charge

  1. The Joint Committee on Workload and Compensation (CWC) shall be composed of six members. The Academic Staff Committee (ASC) shall appoint three Academic Staff representatives, and the University Committee shall appoint three tenured faculty representatives: one from the College of Professional Studies, one from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and one at-large, subject to the condition that at least one of the three members shall also be a member of the Graduate Faculty. These members shall serve three year terms (eventually, but not initially, to be staggered terms). In addition, the Director of Institutional Research, one representative from the ASC, one representative from the Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC to be appointed by the Classified Staff Advisory Committee, and one from the UC shall serve as ex officio (non-voting) members of the CWC, and shall each serve one year terms, or be re-appointed annually for the duration of their service on the ASC, CSAC, or UC.
  2. The chair of said committee shall attend a meeting of the UC and the ASC at least once per semester to update them and report on plans and progress.
  3. The CWC is charged with both reporting and action responsibilities:
    1. In light of prevailing fiscal conditions, the committee is charged with:
      1. identifying the various existing and potential components of workload and forms of compensation for faculty and academic staff,
      2. identifying areas of concern and stress among personnel relating to workload and compensation, and
      3. formulating options for remedying perceived workload and compensation shortcomings, dysfunctional procedures, or inequities on this campus.
      Rather than creating formal reports, the committee is asked to simply advise the UC and the ASC on an ongoing basis (per item 2, above).
    2. On an ongoing basis, and at least once per semester, the committee is asked to present proposals (relating to 3a) to the Academic Staff Committee and the Faculty Senate for action.