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Art and Design
Alison Stehlik, 13-15, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Ellen Rosewall, 13-15, Professor

Business Administration
William Lepley, 13-14, Associate Professor (replacement)
Ghadir Ishqaidef, 13-15, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Robert Nagy, 13-14, Associate Professor (replacement)

Democracy and Justice Studies
Andrew Austin, 12-15, Associate Professor
Alternate: Yunsun Huh, 12-15, Assistant Professor

Arthur Lacey, 12-14, Senior Lecturer
Linda Tabers-Kwak, 13-15, Associate Professor
Alternate:  TBD, 13-15

Human Biology
Uwe Pott, 12-14, Associate Professor
Kimberly Baker, 11-15, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Amanda Nelson, 12-15, Associate Professor

Human Development
Dean VonDras, 13-14, Professor (replacement)
Jenell Holstead, 13-15, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges, 13-14, Associate Professor
Alternate: Christine Smith, 13-15, Associate Professor

Humanistic Studies
Chuck Rybak, 12-14, Associate Professor
J. Vincent Lowery, 12-14, Assistant Professor
Hernan Fernandez-Meardi, 13-15, Assistant Professor
Gregory Aldrete, 13-15, Professor
Alternate: Christopher Martin, 13-15, Associate Professor

Information & Computing Science
Forrest Baulieu, 12-14, Associate Professor
Adolfo Garcia, 12-14, Associate Professor
Alternate: Phillip Clampitt, 12-14, Professor

Michelle McQuade Dewhirst, 12-14, Associate Professor
Alternate: Courtney Sherman, 12-14, Assistant Professor

Christine Vandenhouten, 11-15, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Brenda Tyczkowski, 13-14, Assistant Professor

Natural & Applied Sciences
Michael Draney, 12-14, Professor
Heidi Fencl, 12-14, Associate Professor
Patricia Terry, 13-15, Professor
Alternate: Jorge Estevez, 12-14, Assistant Professor
Alternate: John Lyon, 12-14, Associate Professor
Alternate: Patrick Forsythe, 13-15, Assistant Professor

Public & Environmental Affairs
Dallas Blaney, 13-14, Assistant Professor (replacement)
Alternate: Elizabeth Wheat, SS, 13-15, Assistant Professor

Social Work
Tohoro (Francis) Akakpo, 12-14, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Gail Trimberger, 12-14, Assistant Professor

Theatre and Dance
Jeffrey Entwistle, 13-14, Professor (replacement)
Alternate: John Mariano, 12-14, Associate Professor

Urban & Regional Studies
Adam Parrillo, 11-15, Assistant Professor
Alternate: Thomas Nesslein, 12-14, Associate Professor

Senate Members At Large (UC)
Bryan Vescio, at-large AH, 11-14, Associate Professor
Ryan Martin, SS, 12-14, Associate Professor (replacement)
Sylvia (Mimi) Kubsch, PS, 12-15, Associate Professor
Gregory Davis, at-large NS, 12-15, Professor
Steven Meyer, NS, 12-15, Associate Professor
Cristina Ortiz, AH, 13-16, Associate Professor

Ex-officio (non-voting) Members
Julia Wallace, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (ex-officio, non-voting)
Thomas Harden, Professor (ex-officio, non-voting)

Clifford Abbott, Professor (ex-officio, non-voting)

Academic Staff Rep
Anne Buttke, 13-14, Operations Manager (ex-officio, non-voting)

Student Government Representative
Heba Mohammad (ex-officio, non-voting)