Wednesday, 17 October 2001, 3:00 p.m.

PHOENIX ROOM C, University Union

Presiding Officer: John Lyon, Speaker

Parliamentarian: Professor Jerrold C. Rodesch



1. Minutes of UW-Green Bay Faculty Senate Meeting No. 1, September 19, 2001, and Meeting No. 2, September 26, 2001, postponed due to Parliamentarian Jerrold Rodesch breaking his wrist.





1. Proposed Changes in Requirements for Honors  Presented by Professor David Littig



1. Policy for Granting B.A.and B.S. Degrees  Presented by Professor David Littig

2. Report of the Provost  Presented by Interim Provost Carol Pollis

3. University Committee Report  Presented by Professor David Littig, Chair





Faculty Senate Discussion Item #1, 10/17/01


July 5, 2001


TO: Jeff Entwistle, Chair

University Committee

FROM: Carol Pollis, Interim Provost

Subject: Proposed Changes in Requirements for Honors

You will find below a recommendation to change the criteria used to award honors designations and the title of xxx-478 courses. These changes were developed by Interim Deans Murphy and Muhl and have been reviewed and supported by the Academic Affairs Council. I am forwarding these recommendations to the University Committee for its review and, if appropriate, to the Faculty Senate for its action.

1. The new recommended criteria for honors designations are as follows:

"Honors requirements for students who earn baccalaureate degrees are:

· Cum laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average from 3.5 to 3.749.

· Magna cum laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 to 3.849.

· Summa cum laude designation requires a cumulative grade point average of 3.85 or higher

The cumulative grade point average must be achieved on the basis of a minimum of 60 regularly graded (not P-NC or audit) credits taken in-residence at UW-Green Bay."

2. If the above recommendation is approved, the Interim Deans, with the support of the Academic Affairs Council also recommend that:

"The title of all xxx-478 courses be changed from ‘Distinction in the Major’ to ‘Honors in the Major’ and the prerequisite be changed from ‘none’ to a minimum GPA of 3.5 for all courses required for the major, and a minimum of 3.75 for all upper –level courses required for the major, and completion of a senior honors project."

Four documents have been attached to inform your review, the current catalog copy of the honors requirements, a copy of the memo sent from Interim Deans Murphy and Muhl to the Academic Affairs Council, a memo from Francis Carleton, Chair of the Academic Affairs Council, to Interim Dean Murphy regarding the proposed changes, and the May 11, 2001 Academic Affairs Council meeting minutes.

If you have questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact me.


Memo from Interim Deans to Academic Affairs Council

Catalog Copy of Current Honors Requirements

Memo from Francis Carleton to Michael Murphy

AAC May 11, 2001 Meeting Minutes

cc: Interim Dean Muhl (w/out attachments)

Interim Dean Murphy (w/out attachments)

Associate Provost Sewall (w/out attachments)

Faculty Senate Information Item #1, 10/17/2001


March 27, 2001



TO: Provost Howard Cohen

FROM: Francis Carleton, Chair, Academic Affairs Council

RE: Recommendation regarding UW-Green Bay’s policy on granting B.A./B.S. degrees

The AAC, after meeting with Interim Dean Michael Murphy and compiling an array of data on how a variety of other institutions of higher learning grant B.A. and B.S. degrees to their undergraduates, has come up with a set of principles that might guide UW-Green Bay as it seeks to create its own policy on this important issue. We should first note that right now there really is no policy–students must choose on their own between a B.A. and a B.S. degree, and if they don’t have a sense of which might be most appropriate for them, they often end up asking someone at the Registrar’s Office. This strikes the AAC as rather haphazard and not entirely fair to staff at the Registrar’s Office. In the spirit of regularizing and codifying this significant issue, the AAC would like to propose the following approach:

1) The faculty in each major should decide what degree or degrees that major will offer. The choice should not ordinarily be up to the individual student graduating in that major, although some majors may wish to allow students to make a carefully informed choice regarding their degree.

2) The "default" degree for HUS, COA, and the disciplinary majors within these interdisciplinary units should be the B.A.

3) The "default" degree for the professional programs, sciences, and the social sciences should be the B.S.

4) If faculty in any major decide that the above "default" settings are not entirely appropriate for their program, they may select a different degree or degrees for their majors to receive. If an academic program does decide to give students the option of choosing between a B.A. and a B.S. degree, they should ensure that students make a carefully informed choice. When (and if) this policy is put into place, there should be a period of time set aside to allow for such modifications to the original "default" settings–perhaps a semester.

5) A procedure must be created to determine what degree to give students with double majors if one major ordinarily grants a different degree from the other. The AAC believes students should be limited to choosing either a B.A. or a B.S. degree.

6) We may wish to allow individual students to petition for a different degree if they can present compelling evidence (perhaps foreign language study for a B.A. and significant math/science coursework for a B.S.) that they deserve a different degree.