Number   Name                                                                                                                 Date Approved
97-1        Elimination of Major in Geography effective with the graduating class 
               of May 2001, but the minor is retained.                                                                    10/15/97
97-2        Elimination of Major and Minor in Nutritional Science effective with the 
               graduating class of 2004                                                                                           10/15/97
97-3        Recommendation on the Granting of Fall 1997 Degrees
               (Document #89-6 used each year)                                                                           11/19/97
97-4        Staggering Senate Terms and Moving Senate Elections                                             11/19/97
97-5        Master's Degree in Applied Leardership for Teaching and Learning, 
               with amended motion that the AAC monitor the progress of the program 
               semester and report its findings to the Provost                                                        01/21/98
97-6        Pay Plan Resolution for 1998-99                                                                              02/18/98
97-7        Nominees for 1998-99 Faculty Elective Committee                                                  03/25/98
97-8        Four-Year Graduation Contract Initiative                                                                  03/25/98
97-9        Recommendation on the Granting of Spring 1998 Degrees
               (Document #89-6 used each year)                                                                            04/15/98
97-10      Plan for Academic Year Evaluations                                                                         04/15/98

Faculty Senate Document #97-1, Approved 10/15/97


Senate Resolution:
Having received the recommendation of the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the UW-Green Bay Faculty Senate concurs 
that the major in Geography be eliminated, effective with the graduating class of May 2001, but that the minor be retained.

Faculty Senate Document #97-2, Approved 10/15/97


Senate Resolution:
Having received the recommendation of the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the UW-Green Bay Faculty Senate concurs 
that the major and minor in Nutritional Sciences be eliminated, effective with the graduating class of 2004.

Faculty Senate Document #97-4,  Approved 19 November 1997


For the upcoming senate elections (December 1997) only, the terms of office of elected senators will be as follows:
Business Administration                                         (1) 2-year term
                                                                            (1) 1-year term
Communication and the Arts                                 (1) 2-year term
                                                                            (2) 1-year terms
Humanistic Studies                                                (2) 2-year terms
                                                                            (1) 1-year term
Natural and Applied Sciences                               (2) 2-year terms
                                                                            (1) 1-year term
Education                                                             (1) 1-year term
Human Development                                             (1) 1-year term
Public & Environmental Affairs                              (1) 1-year term
Social Change & Development                              (1) 1-year term
Urban & Regional Studies                                     (1) 1-year term
Human Biology                                                     (1) 2-year term
Information & Computing Science                         (1) 2-year term
Nursing                                                                 (1) 2-year term
Social Work                                                         (1) 2-year term
Units electing a senator for a one-year term might consider reelecting their current senator, thereby augmenting the continuity in 
senate membership over the December 1997 elections.
In subsequent elections, terms of office for all senators will be two years.


Faculty Senate Document #97-6

Approved, 2 February 1998
                                                 PAY PLAN RESOLUTION
The University Committee, in consultation with the Faculty Senate
Planning and Budget Committee, has been working to develop a long-range
plan which will effectively address a variety of critical salary issues
(e.g., salary compression, promotion/tenure raises, and merit awards). 
Given the complexity of the issues (e.g., defining compression) we are
not ready to present a plan for the future, but instead put forward for
your consideration a resolution for the 1998-1999 academic year.
The University Committee will continue to work to develop a long-range
plan which more effectively addresses the persistent problems associated
with faculty salaries.   The following recommendation will allow for
significant increases in promotion awards as recommended by Provost
Cohen:  Assistant Professor to Associate Professor--$750.00 to $2000.00,
and Associate Professor to Full Professor--$1000.00 to $3500.00.  This
increase would be supported by $5750.00 reallocated from the Provost and
the additional $11,250 allocated from the pay package.
In addition to the resolution, the University Committee would like to
remind faculty of the Regent's guidelines regarding distribution of
merit: one third of all monies must be allocated by a unit for merit,
one third of all monies must be allocated for satisfactory performance,
and one
third can be allocated for merit or satisfactory performance (this is
the choice of the unit).  The University Committee recommends that units
employ methods which reward performance without exacerbating salary
The University Committee recommends to the Faculty Senate that
$11,250.00 of the total 1998-1999 pay package be allocated to the
Provost to be used for anticipated promotions.

Faculty Senate Document #97-8, Approved, 25 March 1998
Following is a synopsis of the key provisions of the proposed four-year
graduation contract initiative, as recommended by the Academic Affairs
The Reciprocal Agreement
The student agrees as an entering freshman to the following: 1)
participate in the SOAR program; 2) register at the assigned registration
time; 3) earn at least 1/4 of the credits required for graduation in each
12 months of enrollment (inclusive of summer sessions); 4) make a
preliminary choice of major or major + minor in the semester in which 24
credits will be completed; 5) formally declare a major or major + minor
in the semester in which 54 credits will be completed (or earlier if
required by a particular program; 6) contact a program advisor at least
once a semester and agree to a plan of study for the following semester;
7) maintain a minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 2.0, meet GPA
requirements in the major or major + minor, and perform well enough not
to have to repeat required courses; and 8) agree to accept an alternative
course and/or scheduling if unable to enroll a closed course that is
required for graduation.
The University agrees to the following: 1) provide a knowledgeable
advisor; 2) ensure that the student can either enroll an alternative
course or take a required course free of tuition charge if the student is
unable to register for a required course that is closed; and 3) ensure
that courses are offered that allow the student to meet graduation
requirements and engage in reasonable exploration of subjects of
A semester-by-semester enrollment planning template is attached to each
reciprocal agreement signed, reflecting all requirements for the selected
major or major + minor and general education.
Unit and Program Faculty Responsibilities
Unit and program faculty are responsible for providing knowledgeable
advisors.  In some cases advising will be required during SOAR sessions,
prior to the initial registration, in order that students begin their
studies appropriately.  They are also responsible for providing
appropriate course work to enable timely completion of degree
Unit and program faculty are also responsible for preparing an enrollment
planning template that demonstrates the feasibility of graduation in four
years (eight semesters) of full-time study, including general education. 
This template must be completed and approved by the appropriate Dean
before the major or major + minor can be included in the four-year
graduation contract initiative.  (Note: the "qualifying list" of academic
programs is likely to change over time--the listing attached to the
Academic Affairs Council report was designed to determine the overall
feasibility of the contract initiative.)
Faculty Senate Action
Favorable action by the Faculty Senate establishes the four-year
graduation contract initiative at UW-Green Bay.  It does not address the
particulars of individual program requirements, advising, access to
courses, or other administrative details.  These are the ongoing
responsibility of the unit and program faculty and the Deans.  If
approved, the initiate would be implemented in the Fall semester 1998.

Faculty Senate Document #97-10, Approved, 15 April 1998
Changes to UWGB 3.08 Review Procedures.
               1.  Merit Review Procedures for All Faculty


                               a.  The performance of each tenured faculty member shall be reviewed annually or biennially (every

second year) by the faculty member's interdisciplinary unit executive committee.  Non-tenured faculty will be reviewed

annually by the executive committee, or the review may be combined with a retention review in a given year.  The review shall be of the faculty member's performance from the beginning of one appointment period to the beginning of the next

appointment period.  The results of the review shall be communicated to the faculty member by his/her chairperson within

30 days of the completion of the review.