Annual Report of the University Committee

University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


David M. Littig, Chair


The themes, which capture the work of the University Committee in the past year, were disappointment, transition, and renewal. 


The academic year began with the gloomy economic forecast that the state government budget was facing a major shortfall and that the UW-System would have to trim its budget request to the legislature.  UW-Green Bay was in the budget to receive $500,000 for the Learning Experience proposal and would have to change its plans for implementing components of the Learning Experience.  The Faculty Senate quickly took up the issue on how to best allocate these funds.  This led to holding a Special Faculty Senate meeting in late September to deliberate on whether the body wished to adopt the recommendations of the Learning Experience Implementation Drafting Committee Report.  A meeting of the UW-Green Bay Faculty, called by petition and attended by 122 faculty members, in November, followed the Senate meeting.  At the faculty meeting a resolution was passed calling for all new monies be allocated to full-time faculty positions and that the new hires be assigned to General Education so as to improve the learning experience of students by reducing class size.  The budgetary situation of the state continued to deteriorate and the $500,000 for the Learning Experience was cut from the budget.


It was a year of transition for the administration.  Interim Chancellor William Kuepper concluded his services to the university and turned the reins over to incoming Chancellor Bruce Shepard in November.  The University Committee was active in the Search and Screen processes for a Provost and a Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  The University Committee has established open and trusting relations with the new administrative team and feels very positive about working with them and their leadership capabilities.


Renewal came surprisingly fast.  After so many hours of discussion and deliberations about the state of the General Education program, the University Committee felt it was time to act.  Following a meeting with the Chancellor and the Chair of the General Education Council, the University Committee issued a charge to the GEC to prepare a new plan for General Education by September.  The document has been completed and the UC congratulates the GEC for its excellent work, prepared under extreme time constraints.


In the past year the Faculty Senate took affirmative action on the following issues:


Issues that remain for action by the Faculty Senate are:

·        Faculty Status for Academic Staff, and

·        Changes in the UW-Green Bay code 6.01 Complaints and 6.02 Grievances

The University Committee deliberated and took positions on the following issues:


On behalf of the University Committee, we thank you for your support and the opportunity you provided for us to serve.  Our prayers for full recovery for our colleague Professor Joe Mannino, who left us for an extended medical leave at mid-year of his third year of service on the UC, will never waiver.  Professor Joyce Salisbury was elected to fill the position and was in full stride from the beginning.  Keep up the good work and have a great year.  The Faculty Senate and University Committee are in very capable hands.