Annual Report of the University Committee

The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


Forrest Baulieu, Chair


For the past year, the most demanding initiative with which the University Committee has been involved has been the Student-Focused Learning Experience (Compelling Idea) project.  The Committee somewhat reluctantly accepted responsibility for establishing a Planning Committee to explore the potential for such a project and proceeded to appoint to it (after appropriate consultation with other governance groups) faculty, staff and student representatives.  We strove to ensure balanced representation on this committee, realizing that the entire university community would have to feel a sense of ownership in the project in order to move forward with it.  Whether the forthcoming planning document from the Planning Committee will eventually be ratified by all of the governance groups remains to be seen, but the discussion of the possibilities for our campus and of new alternatives for the focus of the education we provide here has been both exciting and invigorating.

The University Committee found it necessary to continue to monitor several processes initiated in the past years:

The compensation proposal passed by the Faculty Senate more than a year ago has yet to produce results.  Currently the matter lies in the hands of the Deans and Unit Chairs.

The monitoring of the Masters program in Applied Leadership and Learning required our attention as well, and the Senate expressed the preference that this monitoring continue, and along a more direct channel than in the past.

The Policy on Ownership, Use, and Control of Copyrightable materials was used in our communication with UW Systemís call for reaction and feedback on its proposed System Policy on Distance Education.  The University strongly expressed its concerns about the lack of explicit specification of the extent of faculty control over content and ownership of distance education program materials, and these concerns were taken into account in the policy revision.

In direct dealings with the Chancellor and the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, the University Committee strongly supported the facultyís position on a number of issues:

We insisted on participation of faculty governance in the Search and Screen process for the Director of University Advancement, under Senate Document #87-18.

After meeting with the Academic Deans, Unit Chairs, and concerned individuals, we reviewed the Administrationís suggestions for academic restructuring.  We saw no compelling advantage, to the faculty or to the university as a whole, that could be expected from such a restructuring and strongly recommended that no restructuring take place.

Having brought the nascent Sexual Harassment policy to the Senate, and generating lively discussion therein, we presented your recommendations to the AA/EO office and had the appropriate changes made.  A final incarnation of this document has not yet reached us, however.

As expected, the University Committee considered and responded to requests for a variety of minor changes in code.  Among them were: Procedure for temporary replacement of self-recused members of the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities, and the role of the codified councils in relation to the UC and/or Faculty Senate.