University Committee Report 1997-98

Francine M. Tompkins, Chair

The University Committee continued its tradition of weekly meetings. 
These meetings, Wednesday from 3:15-5:00 p.m., followed the following
format: approval of minutes, discussion with Provost Cohen, address
items for immediate action (e.g., establishment of monthly Senate
agenda), general discussion items.

A significant portion of the work of the University Committee was to
respond to and discuss initiatives raised by the Provost's office.  As a
result of our discussions, the University Committee was able to provide
a faculty perspective and, as is often necessary, frame issues for
further discussion at Senate meetings.

During the 1997-1998 academic year, the University Committee discussed
and/or took action on a number of items, including:
- Faculty Compensation (action resulting in a draft report to be 
     presented to the faculty in the Fall of 1998)
- Review of numerous policy proposals, including
- Library and Learning Resources
- Faculty Development Council
- Academic year calendar revisions for personnel decisions
- Faculty status recommendation
- Policy for distribution of CCQ data
- A Senate election schedule (i.e., staggering the election cycle of 
- Awarding of emeritus status to retiring faculty
- Working with the Chancellor, Provost, and Named Professors to 
     establish a  memorandum of understanding for the process associated 
     with nominations and appointments
- Selection of Secretary of the Faculty and Academic Staff position

A variety of items were discussed but, due to other higher priorities of
the University Committee, were not resolved during the 1997-1998
academic year.  The following items should be revisited as priorities
for 1998-1999:
- Approval of salary compensation recommendations by Faculty Senate
- Named Professorship appointments
- Faculty activity form revision
- Student/faculty task force on course evaluations
- Retreat with Chancellor and Provost (ongoing priority)
- Establishment of formats for encouraging faculty discussions on 
    relevant issues

The University Committee wishes to extend its heartfelt appreciation to
E. Michael Thron for his outstanding work as the Secretary of the
Faculty and Academic Staff.  His good humor and unquestionable integrity
and dedication to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will long be
remembered.  The University Committee wishes to also acknowledge the
exemplary work of Pat Przybelski and Becky Harrill, Program Assistants.