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Cristina Ortiz

Cristina Ortiz
Humanistic Studies (Spanish)
TH 373
(920) 465-2450

Cristina Ortiz Ceberio is a Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies and Global Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She holds the Patricia W. Baer Professorship in Education. Ortiz has authored a monograph on Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges and has published her research on contemporary Spanish and Latin American female writers in top tier journals in Spain and in the United States. Her area of research focuses on issues of gender, nation and nationalism in contemporary Spanish and Latin American literatures and film. Her work has also been included in several edited collections, most recently in Across the Straight: New Visions of Africa in Contemporary Spain (Ashgate, 2015) and Imágenes de la Memoria: Víctimas del Terror y la Violencia Terrorista (Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, 2015). She is a correspondent member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language and a special contributor to the academic journal of this organization (RANLE).

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Education: B.A. from Universidad del Pais Vasco (San Sebastian), M.A. and Ph.D. from University of Cincinnati


  • SPANISH 225 - Spanish Composition and Conversation
  • SPANISH 355 - Spanish and Latin American Cinema
  • SPANISH 357 - Cultura Latina
  • SPANISH 360 - Spain Today
  • SPANISH 361 - Cultures of Spain
  • SPANISH 438 - Major Spanish And Latin American Writers
  • SPANISH 465 - Special Topics (Variable content)
  • HUM STUD 202- Introduction to the Humanities II
  • HUM STUD 383 –Perspectives on Human Values: The Contemporary World
  • EDU 311- Foreign Languages Teaching Methods