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How do I drop a class?

Before you drop any classes, make sure you understand these changes can affect you academically and financially.

DROPPING FROM CLASS/CLASSES-Students use (SIS) to drop classes themselves through the drop deadline. The date the drop occurs determines if a DR, which has no academic impact, is recorded on the transcript. It also determines if a refund on the dropped course will be allowed. The drop deadlines on the Registrar calendar addresses these academic and financial ramifications.

AFTER THE DROP DEADLINE- Students must submit a Special Petition for Late Drop and request permission to drop any classes. These are reviewed by the Enrollment Review Committee (ERC) and only granted for medical, military or other extenuating circumstances. The ERC notifies students via email if their request is approved or denied. During this time frame, students are refunded 0% and remain responsible for 100% of tuition.

OTHER OPTIONS BESIDES DROPPING A CLASS/CLASSES- Students who are unable to drop a course after the deadline has passed, or who have been denied a late drop, may consider retaking the course in a different term. Check out all those details here. In some cases, an incomplete grade may be arranged if your professor permits. See those details here.

How do I drop all of my classes?
Information about dropping all of your classes and withdrawing from the university can be seen here.

Will my Financial Aid be affected if I drop a class/classes?

Financial Aid may be affected when dropping a class, depending on when the drop occurs.

BEFORE CLASSES START: Financial aid will be adjusted to reflect credit load at the start of the term. If you drop all of your classes and cancel from the term, your financial aid will be cancelled.

DURING AND AFTER THE ADD/DROP PERIOD: The end of the second week of classes has been designated as the census date as well as the end of the add period. The exact date can be found here. Credit changes during this period WILL impact aid awards, and adjustments to aid will be completed after the second week of classes. Please Note: Summer and Winterim terms have a shorter add and refund period and can be seen here.

Adjustments to certain types of financial aid will continue to be made for credit changes through the end of the refund period (approximately the 5th week of classes for fall/spring terms). After the refund period, it would be unusual for financial aid to be adjusted for credit changes, as long as the student is staying enrolled in school. If adjustments are required, the financial aid office will notify the students of the adjustments. Students who drop any classes or withdraw entirely may become ineligible for future financial aid due to not meeting Standards of Academic Progress (SAP). View more details here.

Students must monitor SIS for any balance due or return of aid that is required.

Academic and financial deadlines are not the same. View the financial deadlines here before dropping or withdrawing.

How to drop a Class: After considering all of the above factors, if you still wish to drop classes, check out this quick “How to” video here.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Log into SIS
  2. The “Student Center” page will appear
  3. Under the academics menu select “ Enroll”
  4. Click “Drop” from the top tab
  5. Click the appropriate term and select continue
  6. Select the class (es) you wish to drop
  7. Click “Drop Selected Classes”
  8. Click “Finish Dropping”
  9. Green Check Mark under the Status column means you have successfully dropped the class.


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