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UWGB scholarship applications for New Freshman and Continuing Students are posted on the financial aid website in early September. The deadline for UWGB scholarships is February 15. When filling out scholarship applications, you are applying for several different scholarships and not just one.

How and where do I apply for scholarships?

You can search and apply for all available scholarships on the Financial Aid site.

Where else can I find scholarship information?

There is a variety of Departmental and Outside scholarships. You should also explore scholarship possibilities at your high school and within your community. If you have exhausted all those options, you can check out some other helpful sites here. Remember, there are enough free scholarship sites on-line and you should never have to pay money to search for scholarships.

Do I need to let the Financial Aid office know about my scholarship?

You are required to report all outside scholarships and financial assistance as it may affect your financial aid package. This includes vocational rehabilitation support, all scholarships, assistantships, veterans' benefits and any other aid from outside sources.

You can email this information to: with the following:
  1. Your full name, date of birth, last 4 digits of Social Security or campus ID#
  2. Name of the scholarship
  3. Amount of the scholarship
  4. Indicate if the scholarship is for fall or spring only, or if it will be split between fall and spring.

When does my scholarship post to my SIS account?

Typically, scholarships from UWGB disburse on the first day of classes. Students inquiring about departmental scholarship awards should contact the department directly. Questions regarding outside scholarship disbursement should be directed to the organization.

Where is scholarship money sent?

Checks should be made out to UWGB, include the studentís name in the memo part, and be sent to: UWGB-Attn: Bursar, 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay, WI 54311.


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