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Student Employment

On Campus Hire Process (Work Study or Regular)

On campus supervisors should download payroll forms from Human Resources. There is a checklist designed to aid in the hiring process.

New student hires must have the following items completed:

Student Hire Form (completed by supervisor)
I-9 Form (completed jointly by supervisor and student)
W-4 Withholding Form (completed by student)
Direct Deposit Form (completed by student)
Employee Self-ID Form (completed by student)

All employment forms must be sent to the Payroll Office as soon as possible and prior to the student performing work. A delay in Payroll receiving the paperwork, incomplete paperwork or paperwork needing correction may cause a delay in the student's entry into HRS and a delay in pay. Once the paperwork is received and reviewed by the Payroll Office, the student's job is created for HRS time reporting.

Note: If a criminal background check is required, the position will not be complete until receipt of the background check and a review of the results. Review the Criminal Background Check Process handout (PDF).

International Student Employees

International student employees will need to complete their resident status and Visa Type on their W4 form. Once the student is entered into HRS an email will be sent to the student from Glacier (third-party vendor) to determine substantial presence and evaluate applicable tax treaties. The student will complete online forms, print and sign forms then bring completed forms and supporting documents to HR upon completion of Glacier questionnaire.

Student Rehire Process

Student jobs are set up for the current academic year only. To continue a student's employment for the next summer and/or academic year, supervisors will receive a spreadsheet via e-mail in May at the end of the academic year listing all current student employees under their supervision. The supervisor will need to complete this list for all students listed. Instructions are included with the e-mail and supervisors will have about two weeks to make their entries. Student jobs intended for rehire but not entered through this process will need to be submitted on the Student Employment Form.