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Student Employment

Monitoring Award Amounts

Federal Work Study (FWS) Balance Reports are emailed on a bi-weekly basis to students who have accepted a FWS award. As a supervisor of a Work Study student, you are asked to monitor FWS awards using this tool. Please have students print or forward this form to you, as it will be your only method of obtaining important information regarding your student's FWS award.

FWS Balance Reports can be requested of a student during the interview process. This is the best way a supervisor will be able to verify if a potential hire has a FWS award and the amount.

Funding Splits

For students receiving FWS, the department is responsible for 25%, while the remaining 75% of the student's wages are paid by the Federal Work Study award. For a $2,000 FWS award, a department needs to budget to pay $500 out-of-pocket.

Only America Reads/America Counts tutoring positions (located off campus) receive full (100%) Federal Work Study funding and have been granted a waiver of the departmental contribution.

Calculate Work Study Hours

It is the responsibility of the student and supervisor to monitor earnings and ensure the student does not earn more than their authorized award amount.

To calculate the number of hours per week a student can work, maximizing his/her award, use the following formulas:
Work Study Award / Hourly wage = Total number of hours
Total hours / Number of Earning Weeks = Number of hours per week