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Student Employment

Post Directly in PRO


Log in to PRO using your username and password in lower case OR request access by clicking the button below the log in area titled, "Request Access to PRO here". Employers may post and edit jobs in Phoenix Recruitment On-Line (PRO) for free. Once you have requested access, your request is pending until reviewed by an administrator. All employers, contacts, and job postings are subject to evaluation by a UWGB administrator. You will receive an email when your account has been activated or your job has been posted. If you have difficulty, please contact the Student Employment Coordinator at

To post a new job, click on "My Jobs" and select "New Job". To view jobs that your department/company have previously posted, select "Job List". If you want to re-post a previously active job, you will need to select "Copy Job" on the left tool bar. Be sure to edit the dates and other pertinent information once the new job is posted. You may edit individual areas of the job description by clicking on the "Edit" button for each section. All new jobs and edits return to pending status until reviewed by an administrator. Your job will not be visible to students until it has been activated. We ask that you do not post it a second time during the review process. You may end a job posting by clicking on "Close Job" at the top of any active posting.

If you prefer to have a staff member post your open positions, use the Part-time/Season Job Form OR send us your complete job posting via email to