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Student Employment

Searching For A Student Employee

Resume Search in PRO

The resume search option in PRO is only available to specific employers, including all on campus student employers. If you do not have access, you can request it via email to

To search for resumes, click on "Resume Books" and choose the resume book for the current academic year. You may specify criteria to search by - keyword, name, major, interests, experience, Work Study eligibility, etc. Now click "Search".

Students that have resumes in the system matching your criteria will appear. (If you do not enter criteria, and hit "Search", all students with resumes in the system will appear.) If you click on a particular student's name, you can view the profile, and then the resume. The profile will also indicate if the student was awarded Work Study. Please note: Work Study is a self-reported field. For confirmation, ask for a copy of the student's Federal Work Study Verification Form. You may select several students, and create a packet that will be e-mailed to you. These packets contain the resume only - not the profile information.

Interviewing Students

UW-Green Bay's Office of Human Resources states the following regarding the interview & hiring process for student employees:

Contact the applicants and schedule a time for interview that is convenient for you and the student. The purpose of this interview is to determine if the student would be successful in fulfilling the duties of the position. Expectations of the position and the student should also be outlined.

Structure the interview and questions to the position functions and responsibilities. Use open ended questions that will allow you to evaluate the candidates' suitability to the position, such as:

  • knowledge to do the job (any specific skills/requirements) and/or willingness to learn
  • situational scenario questions to see how the student would analyze a situation and how he or she would act/react
  • asking the student to provide examples of similar past job activities, experiences or behaviors that will be required of the student in the position

The student will also be able to make a decision whether or not the position is right for them. Give the student a more detailed look into the position and job requirements. Let the student ask any questions.

Hiring Decision

It is the supervisor's responsibility to notify the students as soon as possible about the hiring decision. If the student is not hired, it is a courtesy to notify them and be prepared to honestly explain why. For the chosen candidate, extend the offer of employment.