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Student Employment

Record Hours

Students employed on campus or off campus via Federal Work Study record hours by logging into the My UW System portal.

HRS Instructions

Getting Paid

All students are paid bi-weekly (once every two weeks), unless otherwise specified. Payroll is directly deposited into the student's checking or savings account. Federal Work Study students are the exception, and have the option to receive paper checks. Pay is not credited to the student's tuition or expenses.

Student earnings (regardless of Work Study or non-Work Study) are subject to State and Federal taxes. However, students enrolled in classes, provided they meet the minimum credit threshold for half-time status, do not have Social Security tax (5.65%) deducted from their pay checks.

Time entry in HRS rounds each entry to the nearest 7.5 minute or the elapsed quantity to the nearest quarter hours, based on the total hours and minutes reported in a shift.

  Rounding of Hours


  0.0 - 7.5

  7.5 - 22.5

  22.5 - 37.5

  37.5 - 52.5

  52.5 - 60








Social Security tax deduction must be taken from student employees' summer paychecks if they are not enrolled in summer sessions. You do not have Social Security tax deducted for those payrolls when you are attending a summer class(es).

Student Pay Schedule

My UW System Portal

The My UW System Portal houses student Earning Statements and Tax Statements, including an electronic copy of the yearly W-2 form. While inside the portal students can update W4, Direct Deposit and address information. (Please note this only updates payroll information, it does NOT update the Student Information System (SIS)).