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Student Employment

On Campus Work Study Program

Many offices and academic departments at UW-Green Bay provide jobs for students. Not all jobs require Federal Work Study, however all hourly positions on campus can utilize a Work Study award. Positions classified as Work Study on-campus are no different from regular on-campus employment positions. The difference lies in how the wages are paid. Wage rates remain constant, regardless of Work Study.

Students seeking a position on campus with their Federal Work Study award should search the position type "On Campus Work Study" AND "On Campus Non-Work Study" in the PRO System. This is because a student with Federal Work Study can have the funds applied to any on-campus hourly position, even if the department did not specify a need for the award.

There are some offices on-campus that require a student with Federal Work Study. These jobs are typically located in student service areas, such as Admissions, Academic Advising, Career Services, Cofrin Library, American Intercultural Center (AIC), and Financial Aid, among others. If a job is listed in PRO as "On Campus Work Study," only apply for the position if you have Federal Work Study as part of your aid award.