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Student Employment

Types of Work Study Employment

  • On Campus refers to hourly positions that can be within any office or department at UW-Green Bay.
  • Community Service refers to jobs that work directly with disadvantaged community members to include youth, families or the elderly. These jobs promote valuable hands-on experience, while benefiting the community.
  • America Reads utilizes Work-Study students as reading and/or math tutors for elementary/middle school grades. This is a great opportunity for education, psychology or human development majors, as well as others.

Finding a Qualified Position

  • Enrolled students can search in Handshake
  • Incoming freshmen or transfer students can access postings via the Student Employment Facebook or Twitter page. (Students will be granted access into Handshake after registration)

On Campus Program

Most offices and academic departments at UW-Green Bay offer part-time student jobs. Students seeking a position on campus with their Federal Work Study award should review open positions in the Phoenix Recruitment Online System. Not all jobs require Federal Work Study, however, all hourly positions will gladly accept a Work Study award. A Work Study award is meant to open up the job opportunities for a student, not to limit them.

Find an On Campus Job

Students seeking a position on campus with their Federal Work Study award should search the position type "On Campus Student Employment" in the Handshake.

There are some offices on-campus that require a student with Federal Work Study. These jobs are typically located in student service areas, such as Admissions, Academic Advising, Career Services, Cofrin Library, American Intercultural Center (AIC), and Financial Aid, among others.

Off Campus Community Service Program

The Federal Work Study program encourages positions in community service and work related to each student's course of study. As a result, Work Study positions are also available off campus at specific non-profit or public agencies. The work performed must be in the public interest to be considered a part of the Federal Work Study program.

As a requirement of the Federal Work Study program, UW-Green Bay must make students aware of community service opportunities and employ students in community service jobs. The majority of these positions are held off campus through various local community organizations.

Some examples of Off Campus Community Service Employers are:

  • Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
  • Greater Green Bay YMCA
  • Scholarships, Inc.
  • Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Due to the need for periodic site visits, off-campus work study partnerships will generally be limited to nonprofit community service agencies within a 20 mile radius of the main campus; 10 miles of the branch campuses in Manitowoc, Marinette, and Sheboygan; or 5 miles of a major roadway (e.g., I-43 or US 41) connecting the campuses. Exceptions to this policy may be made at the discretion of the Director if an extenuating need or circumstance exists.

Find a Community Service Job

If you are interested in applying for a Community Service position, please search Handshake. UW-Green Bay partners with several local agencies to provide a variety of opportunities for students.

In order to use a Work Study award at an off campus agency, that agency must hold an active Federal Work Study contract with UW-Green Bay. These agencies must be community service based, located within a reasonable distance to campus and provide positions that are beneficial to UW-Green Bay students. To discuss current contracted agencies or the possibility of contracting with UW-Green Bay, please contact the Student Employment Office at 920-465-2556.

America Reads/America Counts Program

The Federal Government created the America Reads/America Counts program during the 1990's. This was an initiative to increase the reading level of all students, with a goal of having students reading independently by the end of third grade. UW-Green Bay partners with all of the local elementary schools to provide reading and math tutors for grades K through 8. UW-Green Bay tutors work in groups or one-on-one to enhance student's reading or math skills in a classroom setting.

Find an America Reads/America Counts Job

If you are interested in applying for a tutoring position, please search Handshake .

You can also log on to the Green Bay Area Public Schools website to get a listing of all the local elementary schools. UW-Green Bay partners with the entire Green Bay School District and our students can tutor at any of the local elementary or middle schools. If you are interested in working for one that does not currently have a posting on Handshake, the Student Employment Office can work with you to begin a position at a school of your choice.