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Student Government Association


Stephanie Haack, Chief Justice


Major(s): Democracy and Justice Major

Position: Chief Justice

Terms Served: Spring 2012- Present

Statement: The Student Court takes on a variety of responsibilities; running the Student Government elections, holding debates, etc. Recently Student Court is working on changing and clarifying election rules and clarifying penalties for infractions. I strive to be a person that offers an objective and fair perspective while upholding the SGA constitution. -Stephany


Adrian Canilho-Burke, Associate Justice


Major(s): Democracy & Justice Studies, and Spanish

Position: Associate Justice

Terms Served: Fall 2011 to Present

Statement: As a member of Student Court I fully realize my responsibilities as an Associate Justice. I will strive to maintain fair student elections, to act as an objective agent of deliberation, and uphold the SGA Constitution in all matters pertaining to the student body.

Hobbies:I have a passion for debates in any subject, but I prefer discourse in political philosophy and social theory. I also enjoy longboarding, ultimate frisbee, and “frolfing”.


Jason Carviou, Associate Justice


Major(s): Public Administration, Political Science, Democracy and Justice Studies

Position: Associate Justice

Terms Served: Fall 2013 to Present

Statement: Student Court presents a unique opportunity and challenge to bring equality, justice, fairness, and objectiveness to Student Government, elections, and deliberations. I will strive to meet these qualities while serving as a Student Court Justice and upholding the SGA Constitution.

Hobbies:Chairman of Ducks Unlimited UWGB Chapter, Internship at the U.S. Attorney’s Office, hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors.