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Student Government Association

Segregated Fees & Allocation Committee

Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee (SUFAC) is the official organization in the Student Government Association which is responsible for distribution of segregated university fee monies (allocations for distribution among the various student organizations and services) and for overseeing the use of segregated fees. SUFAC also advises the Chancellor about decisions concerning monies. Review involves recommendations on increases, decreases, or the continuation of existing fees paid by the students each semester.

Interested In Becoming a Member?

SUFAC meets every Thursday at 5:15 pm. Any student with at least a 2.0 GPA is always welcomed to apply. Interested students should fill out an At Large application form or contact the Speaker of the Senate in order to join Student Senate.

Segregated Fee Information | Members | Meeting Minutes | Forms

Segregated Fee Information AY 2013-14

Full time fees per academic year

Description Amount
Allocable Segregated Fee $86.22
Non Allocable Segregated Fee* $1,291.78
Total Full Time Segregated Fee $1,378.00

* Non allocable segregated fee provides funding for Kress Center, Union, Athletics, Health, Student Life, Dean of Students, Alcohol Education, and Municipal Services.

Allocable Student Organization 2013-14 Allocated Cost
Accounting Students Association $525.00
Alternate Theatre $5,580.00
American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) $2,579.44
Anime Club $2,724.00
Art Agency $1,811.20
Athletes in Action (AIA) $2,784.61
Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Club $425.00
Ballroom Dance $3,383.33
Black Student Union $11,574.00
Bowling Club $7,956.27
Camping Climbing Club $2,135.71
Christ Living Among Students (C.L.A.S.) $1,041.00
Circle K $3,099.41
Civics Club $500.00
College Democrats $95.00
Colleges Against Cancer $1,950.00
CRU $17,975.00
Dance Team $4,005.00
Design Lounge $800.00
Dietetics Club $3,249.00
ENACTUS $3,657.60
Fisheries Org $4,261.07
Fishing Team $100.00
Fourth Estate $36,297.00
French Club $3,926.50
Gamers Club $3,883.33
Geology Club $805.00
German Club $1,640.00
Habitat for Humanity $16,907.33
Innovative Arts Management (IAM) $3,860.00
International Club $3,301.07
Intertribal Student Council $14,384.00
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship $4,073.80
Jazz Society $2,100.00
Macintosh Users Group of UWGB (MUG) $650.00
MENC $1,889.63
MISS $1,130.00
MSA $1,316.48
Newman Catholic Student Society $4,395.79
OLA $9,319.00
Optimistic Feminists $1,550.00
Orgnet $4,046.62
PEAC $10,611.33
PHD Club $800.00
Phlash TV $21,749.00
Phoenix Martial Arts Club $2,690.00
Phoenix Students For Life $1,233.87
Pre Med Club $2,564.13
Psi Chi $2,977.33
Quidditch Club $275.00
Red Cross $560.00
RPG Club $1,400.00
SAGA $4,878.00
SASU $12,809.73
SCA $1,933.56
SGA $65,358.00
Sheepshead Review $11,863.62
SHRM $2,938.67
Sigma Tau Delta $2,400.00
Ski and Snowboard Club $2,797.00
SLO Food Alliance $5,012.60
Social Work Club $60.00
Student Wisconsin Education Association $975.00
Study Abroad Alumni Org $1,084.53
The Sci-Fi Collective $1,724.86
Tri-Beta $2,739.17
Ultimate Frisbee Club $2,437.33
Unchained $1,600.00
Video Game Club $370.00
WGBX $8,770.00
Windows Users Group of UW Green Bay (WUG) $650.00
Women of Color (WOC) $7,077.33
Women's Club Volleyball $2,627.00
Writer's Union $1,650.00
Zeta Omega Tau Sorority $140.00
Total Cost $384,444.25

View the 2012-13 Segregated Fee Information

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Name Role
Shawn Brown Chair
Reed Heintzkill Vice-Chair
Megan Leonard At-Large Member
Vanya Koepke At-Large Member
Penghan Yi At-Large Member
Elizabeth Smeaton At-Large Member
Bea Yang Lead OFO
Heba Mohammad SGA President
Morgan Mason SGA Vice President
Sarah Batten Administrative Assistant
John Landrum Resource Liaison

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Meeting Minutes

Date Meeting Minutes Meeting Agenda
February 13, 2014 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
February 6, 2014 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)
January 30, 2014 Minutes (PDF) Agenda (PDF)

For prior years, view the past meeting minutes archive.

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