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Student Government Association

About Us

Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA)'s role in the Student Government Association is to review and formulate policies for students who reside in university housing. Housing security, village renovation, disciplinary procedures, and numerous educational and recreational services are some of the issues that concern RHAA members. Any student residing in university can run for RHAA.

RHAA President: The president of RHAA communicates on campus students interests to the Director of Residence Life. The RHAA president acts as liaison between the housing office and students living in housing. The RHAA president also represents our campus at regional and national gatherings of housing councils.

RHAA Vice President: The vice president of RHAA helps the RHAA president in representing on campus student interests to the housing office. The vice president also meets with the housing director on a regular basis in order to keep him or her informed of student needs and interests.

Contact Us
Residence Hall and Apartment Association (RHAA)
Room: UU 151C
Phone: 920-465-2011
President: Megan Leonard
Vice President: Erin Vander Pas