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Student Life

Spring Awards

Chancellor's Leadership Medallion

May be awarded only to those selected seniors eligible to graduate in May or August of the current year who over their college careers have:

  • contributed significant and sustained leadership while maintaining evidence of academic quality
  • demonstrated meaningful campus and/or community involvement
  • shown potential for future achievement and a commitment to personal growth
  • have a cumulative G.P.A. of 3.25 or better

University Leadership Award

May be awarded to any selected UW-Green Bay student who over the past year (current semester plus the two previous semesters) have:

  • demonstrated active and meaningful campus and/or community involvement while maintaining evidence of academic quality (a 3.0 cummulative G.P.A. or better)
  • demonstrated outstanding leadership ability
  • provided service to UW-Green Bay and/or the community
  • shown potential for further achievement and commitment to personal growth

Outstanding Student Award

The Alumni Association seeks to acknowledge and reward a graduating senior who successfully pursued an undergraduate degree at UW-Green Bay, particularly one who demonstrates growth and progress by learning, committing and "doing" on an extraordinary level.

The award will be presented at the University Leadership Awards ceremony and includes recognition in the Commencement Program, a plaque, Phoenix gear and a $200 gift in the recipient's name to a scholarship or program fund of the recipient's choice.

All graduating seniors meeting the minimum criteria are eligible to apply for consideration by the Alumni Association's Selection Committee.

Awarded only to those seniors eligible to graduate in May of the current year who over their college careers have:

  • a minimum of 50 credits earned while attending UW-Green Bay (including credits in progress)
  • a minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 3.50
  • a strong involvement (officer/project leader) in campus and/or community extracurricular activities in and/or outside their academic major

Download the application for this award.

Student Organization of the Year Award

Eligible student organizations must be officially registered with the Office of Student Life. Awarded annually to the student organization that has contributed most substantially to campus life over the past year at UW-Green Bay or in service to the community.

Student Organization Service Project of the Year Award

Awarded annually to officially registered student organization that develops and implements an outstanding service projects that improve the quality of life within the campus or the greater community.